(Excerpts from CMT)

“The World Is A Ghetto (Jazz Version)” by Ciré the Maestro

Seasoned to perfection with Ciré the Maestro’s rhythmic piano and marinated in his own unique musical style, Ciré the Maestro’s classic arrangement of “The World is a Ghetto (Jazz Version)” is sure to satisfy the Jazz lover’s musical palette.

(Leroy L. Jordan, Howard E. Scott, Lee Oskar, Charles W. Miller, Harold Brown, Sylvester Allen, Morris Dickerson, Jerome Washington, Terry Gray, Mark Eric Green)

About Ciré the Maestro

The best musicians are the ones who are successful at creating their own original world of music. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Mecca of style, culture, and vibrant nightlife, Eric Nicholas, also known in the Music Industry as “Ciré the Maestro,” developed into the ultimate Renaissance artist.

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