Still Riding After All These Years!

(Excerpt from Los Angeles Times)

You may not be familiar with the Lowrider Band, but when they hit the Starlight Bowl bandstand on Saturday, you’ll know their music. The group’s core — guitarist Howard Scott, bassist BB Dickerson, drummer Harold Brown and harmonica shaman Lee Oskar — were all, respectively, the songwriters, lead vocalists and founding members of triple-platinum selling 1970s funk paragons ***, a band whose singular, smoldering jams have yet to be equaled.

Having lost all rights to the band name in a 1997 lawsuit (when a judge swallowed manager Jerry Goldstein’s lawyers’ insulting assertion that “It’s like the Glenn Miller band — it doesn’t matter who the musicians are”), these men refuse to squander what is inarguably one of the richest legacies in American pop music history. Despite the fact that they live in different states, the Lowrider Band will not be denied.

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