Lowrider Band

Rolling Stone Magazine's "Best Bet"!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana September 20, 2016 – Rolling Stone Magazine’s “Best Bet” the Lowrider Band™ and it’s Members: Harold Brown, Howard Scott, Lee Oskar, B.B. Dickerson, Pete Cole, Lance Ellis and Chuk Barber announce their ‘PEACE IN THE STREETS’ Tour is coming to the Island View Casino Resort in Gulfport, Mississippi on October 7, 2016.

When served an eclectic brew of Latin, R&B, rock and funk on a saucy platter of contemporary jazz and hot Jamaican reggae, what do you get? You get a motley spread of the hottest musical omnibus to morph from recording studios in over a decade: You get the fabulous Lowrider Band™.

Since 1962, members of Lowrider Band™ have compiled a tapestry of quintessential songs and live performances so musically infectious that its moniker traces from Los Angeles to Mexico City and from London to Copenhagen. And the genius of these musicians is captured in the musical medley of Hispanic, African-American, Asian and mainstream cultures, resulting in monster compositions such as “Slippin into Darkness,” “Low Rider,” “9 to 5 (Ordinary Man),” “All Day Music” and many other chart-toppers.

Comprised of four prolific, multi-platinum Iconic Legacy Singer Songwriters, Howard Scott (lead vocals and guitar), Harold Brown (drums), Lee Oskar (harmonica) and B.B. Dickerson (bass), this dynamic team of accomplished musicians is guilty of dishing up many of the greatest tunes to permeate airwaves since the dawn of radio: “The Cisco Kid,” “Why Can’t We Be Friends,” “Spill the Wine” and “The World is a Gheto” are a few more mega-hits they composed and performed over the years. A plethora of these hits have been sampled and recorded by major artists, including the smash single “You” by singer Janet Jackson.

Completing the seven-member posse and lending harmonious support to their distinctive sound are Lance Ellis on saxophone and flute, Pete Cole on keyboards, and Chuk Barber on percussion. Their latest self-tiled disc, Lowrider Band, features eight superbly orchestrated songs, including a riveting live version of “Why Can’t We Be Friends.” It’ll conjure reminisces of back in the day when the members of Lowrider began their collaborative composing odyssey.

Lowrider Band’s picturesque web-site is a window into the bands exciting future, including upcoming projects, concerts and more! Lowrider Band’s “PEACE IN THE STREETS TOUR” is a movement led by the bands 3+ Million Loyal Soldiers of Peace around the world that continue to fight for Peace. Lowrider Band™ is currently playing for their fans at Casino’s, Festivals, and Legendary Clubs. Book Lowrider Band™ today! Lowrider Band and staff are thrilled to announce that band members Howard Scott, Harold Brown, Lee Oskar and B.B. Dickerson were Awarded the Prestigious ASCAP POP Music Award in 2016 and have also been nominated three times for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the legendary song “Low Rider”, composed by them in the 1970s, with others, was recently inducted in the 2014 Grammy Hall of Fame!

“Lowrider Band™ is clearly more legit.”  Rolling Stone Magazine

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