How 14 Writers Penned One Thomas Rhett Song

"Vacation" Co-Writers List Includes Members of '70s Funk Band

(Excerpt from CMT)

“When we finished writing ’Vacation,’ you couldn’t deny that the first thing you thought of was ‘Low Rider,’” he said of ***’s hit funk song from 1975. “So the best thing to do in these situations is just to go straight to the people that wrote that song and be like, ‘Hey, we wanna make you co-writers on this song.’”

Which is what he did.

So now the list of writers includes Rhett, plus the members of *** (Charles Miller, Thomas “Papa Dee” Allen, Harold Brown, Morris “B.B.” Dickerson, Lee Oskar, Howard Scott, Leroy Jordan), plus Jerry Goldstein (who produced the original songs) plus the writers and producers and other guys Rhett worked with to build the track: Sean Douglas, Andreas Schuller, Joe Spargur, Ricky Reed and John Ryan.

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